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Crybabies started out as two friends chatting over coffee, dreaming of what we could do that would tap into our creative and culinary skills.
  After many heart-to-heart conversations into the wee hours of the morning, brainstorming about our product -- the recipe, the name,
the look -- our "babies" were born.  When our sweet and sassy jars of jalapenos hit the shelves,
we could not have anticipated the response.  We were overwhelmed with the positive reaction as Crybabies literally took off.

  And we are happily along for the ride, dreaming up new ideas and recipes to compliment our spicy creation. 

Crybabies started as an excuse to get together (at least that's what we told our husbands) and has grown into something so much more.
  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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crybabies: sweet -n- sassy jalapenos

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