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January 29, 2015
I love Crybabies and always try to have them on hand.  Everyone I share them with is crazy about them as well.  I plan on trying your on-line recipes.  Great Job!


June 7, 2014
I add these to spaghetti, red beans and rice, tuna salad, and beef tips on rice. They make great presents, but I only give them to people who I know will appreciate them!
I do not run out of Crybabies!


March 28, 2014
I just wanted to tell you ladies that my boss turned me onto your product about a year ago and he's finally tired of me buying from him so I made my first purchase today directly from your site.. I LOVE your product... well done.


May 2, 2012
I would like to confirm, just in case anything may have changed in your shipping policy that you cannot send to my PO box...and you guys don't ship UPS, only USPS.  Shipping to here will work, it just means I have to drive 50 miles to Austin to pick 'em up...but it that's the way it is, then that's what we'll do...they're worth every mile and I'm down to my last two jars.  Thanks!

From a fan

October 13, 2011
Hey there!It's Liz with cupcakesbyliz.I need to place another order,please.I left my house after we were hit by the tornado with my jewelry and crybabies.Not even Rebuilding shop and home but we need some crybabies.Addicted those little boogers.

March 30th, 2011
One of the deacons at church slipped them to me to try which I did right in the sanctuary. Amazing!

John Held said:   August 9th, 2007 1:09 pm I own a goumet coffee, tea & cocoa shop in St. Cloud Mn & I am interested in selling crybabies in the shop. My wife and I tried crybabies last weekend and we couldn't get enough of them. John Held-GW Coffee & Tobacco

Evelyn said:   August 1st, 2007 4:29 pm Why don't you try to get your product in the Grape Vine Market in Austin and Round Rock. They carry a lot of different products .......purchased your product at the Wine & Food Show in Georgetown and really love it.

Tim Adams said:   July 13th, 2007 6:06 pm I am the father of Ryan Adams from Rosati's in Waco. Ryan tried to bring me some Crybabies for Fathers Day this year but they wouldn't let him on the airplane with more than 3oz of liquid. Personally I think they knew about Crybabies already and kept them for themselves. He did manage to get me some and I'm hooked. Do they only come in one size? I'll be ordering some more soon. Thanks for a sweeeet product. Tim Adams

Victor Avila said: May 8, 2008
Have just finished my last jar of Crybabies. It is without  question one of the most unique products I have ever tasted.  Being in the restaurant business we spend a lot of time at food shows tasting and trying different products by the 100"s.  One bite of your Crybabies satisfy more of my senses then anything I've ever tasted from a single bite.  I even tried them on top of ice cream.  Try to imagine something that is creamy, sweet, soft, and spicy all in one bite.  And it looks great. Everyone of our friends that tasted them feel the same. 
Once again congratulations on a great and unique product. May you reach and go beyond your expectations. 
Victor Avila
Santa Ana, CA

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